August 11th

Today I hiked from The Priest Shelter to Harper’s Creek Shelter, a distance of 7.3 miles.

I’ve been thinking more and more about my decision to go home after crossing the halfway point. I know I’ll miss the Trail for years to come, and I can’t help but feel like I’ve failed to take the fullest advantage of my time out here. I keep coming back though to the idea of how much I’m looking forward to life post Trail. Returning to a balanced diet, a healthier individual than when I left, and finding some new purpose in life. I’m still nervous about what kind of job I’ll pursue when I return home but I know that I want it to be something that I’ll genuinely be serving, rather than the business centered career I’ve had for years. Be it working at a homeless shelter, a church, or some other non profit, I know that’s what I crave.

I lost my tent stakes today, I probably left them at the last shelter. Unfortunately, this means I’ll be forced to shelter hop until I get to town and I can buy replacements. This won’t be bad tomorrow, where the next shelter is about 7 miles away, but after that the next shelter is approximately 16 miles. I’m not sure I can go that far, but I’ve gone close to that before and the terrain doesn’t look too bad for that stretch. We’ll have to see how it goes. If all else fails, I can try to fashion some stakes out if sticks or cowboy camp if I know the weather will be clear

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