Remembering Batman 

I grew up loving the Batman ’66 TV show. That, along with episodes of the Lone Ranger, was a nightly ritual with my dad when I was a kid. He’d wake me up at 10 o’clock at night so we could watch it. ( I think the reruns were on TBS) As I got older, I never lost respect and admiration for Adam West. I still got a thrill when I recognized his voice. For years, it was a tradition that any new Batman animated series would have a cameo for West, The Batman series even went so far as to cast him as a reoccurring character as the mayor of Gotham. 
For my money though, my favorite will always be “The Gray Ghost” when Adam West plays an out of luck actor who was once famous as the pulp crime fighter (a la “The Shadow”) who was a childhood hero of Bruce Wayne’s. I saw the episode when I was a teenager, and despite the necessary jaded view of that age, I was moved by West’s portrayal of a bitter and angry actor, who feels burdened by the typecast role from his past. 
What’s perhaps most moving though, is that while it’s entirely possible West felt this way, he kept it largely away from the public eye. Instead, he for years referred fondly to the “Bright Knight” as he preferred to call the great Cape Crusader. He treated his adoring fans with class and charm, and he embraced his late in life career resurgence of playing lampooned versions of himself, something it might be hard to imagine other actors being willing to do. 
He’s gone now, but more than the legacy of his time on the screen, we have the many memories and stories of fans who met and were charmed by him. Whether it was a persona or his genuine character, we remember a style that carried a wry smile, and a “chum” for all comers, and represented the possibility that we could all rise to be kinder people. 
Rest well, old chum, and thank you for the adventure. Cheers to the next one.

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