The Living with James Newsletter

I am not a Cincinnati native. I am guilty of all the offensive out-of-towner sins. I’m not necessarily a passionate Reds fan, I don’t know any of the local high schools, and I don’t have a strong opinion about Skyline vs Gold Star. (Personally, the right answer is always Camp Washington Chili)

A few years ago, I got bit by the travel bug hard. I’ve hiked on the Appalachian Trail and traveled to Jerusalem and the Hebron Hills Desert. Now I want to take that same explorer’s spirit to my adopted hometown. I’ve spent almost my entire adult life in the Greater Cincinnati area, and I’ve missed out on so much! I want to invite you to come with me by subscribing to this newsletter. 

Every week, I’m going to share with you what it looks like when I take an explorers eye to the city we all share and love. I want to lift up the rocks and check out the places that aren’t going to be on the front page of some flashy magazine, but are going to be the places that you look at and say, “yeah, that’s our town.” I’m not selling advertising space, so you’ll get an honest view of the places I visit. Along the way, I’ll share photos and stories from some of my other journeys, as well as recipes and books I’ve enjoyed at home that make life off the road so enjoyable. So I hope you’ll come along and enjoy this journey with me, and I hope you find some great new places along the way!

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